CastBack Plus (Podcast Player)

CastBack Plus (Podcast Player)

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CastBack Plus (Podcast Player)CastBack Plus (Podcast Player)CastBack Plus (Podcast Player)CastBack Plus (Podcast Player)CastBack Plus (Podcast Player)

CastBack is a simple but powerful podcatcher - podcast supervisor participant for all of your podcasting wants.

Key Features include:

Podcast Subscriptions:

Subscribe to your favorite podcasts/shows and CastBack retains all your subscribed podcasts/shows up to date.

Custom Play Queues:

Castback allows you to create custom play queues and set it up in a means that every new episode from a specific podcast/show is added to a selected play queue, want all of your sports related podcasts/shows to make use of one play queue and all tech related podcasts/shows to use another? Simply create two play queues and setup those podcasts/shows to make use of these queues.

Free version is limited to a minimal of one default play queue and one custom play queue, please think about getting plus version if you'd like multiple customized play queue.

Auto Downloads:

Need all new episodes of your favorite podcasts/shows prepared for listening offline with out having to manually downloading them? Setup CastBack to auto download them for you, you can also setup what number of previous episodes to keep for each podcast/show and never worry about all these previous episodes taking on cupboard space in your system.

Smart Play Queue:

Automatically add downloaded episodes to your play queue. Switch between episodes of various podcasts/shows and CastBack keep in mind where you left off for every considered one of them.

Variable Playback Speed:

CastBack allows you to modify the speed of podcast participant to your liking.

OPML Import:

When switching merely import all of your favourite podcasts from an OPML file instead of adding one after the other.


Would like to revisit something out of your favorite podcast/show however do not have time whereas listening to it? CastBack lets you add a local bookmark.

Discover New Podcasts:

Not sure what to listen? Discover new podcasts/shows from a big listing, browse from sixteen completely different categories including Arts, Comedy, Education, Sports, Health, Religion, Science, TV and Technology.


CastBack permits you to search for your favorite podcast/shows if you cannot discover it within the lists.

RSS Import:

Looking for a podcast that's not in the directory? CastBack lets you add through RSS handle.

Unlimited customization:

Select any color for the app you like from a shade picker with option to customise the background shade to your liking as well. CastBack is among the cleanest, best, properly organized, Material Design podcatcher/podcasts app for Android. Your podcasts not only sound good additionally they look great, thanks to CastBack's Material Design.

Other options:

Chromecast support.

Custom/Default type media notification.

Customizable fonts.

Configurable storage location.

Coming quickly:

Tablet assist.

Landscape mode.

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CastBack is a straightforward but powerful podcatcher - podcast manager participant for all of your podcasting wants.Key Features embrace:Podcast Subscriptions:Subscribe to your favorite podcasts/shows and CastBack keeps all of your subscribed podcasts/shows up to date.