Explanation of the Beautiful Names of God by Dr. Nabulsi

Explanation of the Beautiful Names of God by Dr. Nabulsi

By Toubkal Mob

Explanation of the Beautiful Names of God by Dr. NabulsiExplanation of the Beautiful Names of God by Dr. NabulsiExplanation of the Beautiful Names of God by Dr. NabulsiExplanation of the Beautiful Names of God by Dr. NabulsiExplanation of the Beautiful Names of God by Dr. Nabulsi

The Beautiful Names of God are the names of praise, reward, reward, glorification of God, attributes of God’s perfection, attributes of God’s majesty, actions of wisdom, mercy, favor and justice from God, by which God is called, and they require reward and praise by themselves.

God named Himself by them in His books. Or on the tongue of considered one of his messengers, or God preserved it within the information of the unseen with Him, and no one is like Him nor is it corresponding to Him in it. The origins of monotheism, within the Islamic faith, so it's the spirit and soul of faith, its origin and purpose. This information is God.

God praised Himself with it in the Noble Qur’an and mentioned: (God there is no god but He, to Him belong the Most Beautiful Names) Surat Taha, verse 8, and the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, urged it, saying: God has ninety-nine names, a hundred minus one, whoever counts them will enter Paradise.

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Mohammed Ratib Al-Nabulsi, from Born in 1939 AD, a Syrian Islamic preacher, modern, with classes and lectures on scientific miracles and interpretation, the scientific method and information. He is famous for his series on the names of God, and on the merits of the Prophet.

He is the top of the Qur’anic Miracles Authority, and has many books He participated in plenty of worldwide conferences.

He also offers religious classes in mosques in Syria and other Arab nations.

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The Beautiful Names of God by Dr. Muhammad Ratib Al-Nabulsi is a free software and without advertisements It works on the Android system for good telephones. The application displays the content of a hundred lessons in explaining the names of God delivered by his eminence on the Al-Hamd Mosque in the city of Damascus (each lesson is split into two parts) with the addition of some options that permit reading and memorizing the teachings in a straightforward method and permitting clean navigation between them.

The software continues to be under improvement and there are heaps of options that might be added sooner or later, God keen.

App contents:

• List of lessons: View the teachings of the Names of God that it accommodates The software.

• Lesson content: View each lesson separately, and you may move between the various lessons through Arrows on the bottom of the display screen.

• Today's lesson: Display a name if computerized notifications are enabled.

• Favorites: Show favorite lessons added while searching.

Among the benefits and traits of the application:

* Easy to browse

* Listen to the lesson by way of an audio broadcast or download it to hearken to it later

* Save the featured lessons in the Favorites record

* Enable automatic notifications and modify when they are displayed

* Adjust font size

* Choose show technique (default, mild, dark).


We are happy on your evaluation of the application in order to reach a bigger number of users, and within the occasion of an inquiry or suggestion, you'll find a way to ship it to us via the interface, contact us for the appliance.

We may even be happy to know your comments to have the ability to We are making the app better than it is now.


Don't neglect us from the favor of supplication.

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