Rude Practice Pad - Drum Rudiments and Exercises

Rude Practice Pad - Drum Rudiments and Exercises

By Skrivarna Software

Rude Practice Pad - Drum Rudiments and ExercisesRude Practice Pad - Drum Rudiments and ExercisesRude Practice Pad - Drum Rudiments and ExercisesRude Practice Pad - Drum Rudiments and ExercisesRude Practice Pad - Drum Rudiments and Exercises

The Rude Practice Pad is the proper coaching software for drum set players, percussionists, marching bands and drum lines. From pupil to pro – there may be at all times something you probably can work on in this selection of drum rudiments and hybrid rhythms. From phone to pad or pill – this app adapts and supplies massive, crisp notation along with simple search and navigation. From silent night time to full band practice – select visual indication, metronome or play along with a selection of actual snare drum sounds. From faculty to self-studies – the various methods to listing and kind, together with updated recommendations and video classes makes this one of the best tool for any drummer. And it is social too.

The Rude Practice Pad app will:

* Show and play all forty official drum rudiments, with title and order in accordance with PAS (Percussive Arts Society).

* Show and play one hundred of the commonest hybrid rudiments.

* Show and play 96 traditional Stick Control workouts.

* Show and play workouts and warm-ups like the well-known lifetime, pyramid and stone killer sequences.

* Let you select completely different snare drum sounds for the playback.

* Realistically reproduce even flams, diddles and press rolls, thanks to the new sound engine and pattern player.

* Visually point out the place you're in the pattern, synchronized with the built-in metronome.

* Navigate shortly and intuitively between rudiments and tempos.

* Suggest rhythms to follow, together with a “Rudiment of the day” function.

* Sort and listing rudiments based on the essential, unique, normal, the quadrants etc.

* Share rhythms via mail or Bluetooth. Post on Facebook. Tweet on Twitter.

* Keep the tempo utilizing probably the most correct metronome engine available on Android.

* Allow tempo changes between 20 and 240 BPM.

* Link to textual descriptions and educational movies showing all the 40 official rudiments, on pad and examples utilized to drum set. (The movies and examples are printed at

Still it is small (only about 2 MB including all pictures and sounds!), requires no strange permissions or Internet access, is simple to use and – not to neglect – inexpensive.

I would really respect comments on how this small app behaves, seems and performs on different Android variations and hardware models. If you mail me at software program (at) I will rapidly get again to you with updated variations or questions and solutions if needed.

Of course, any suggestions for additional features, enhancements and corrections of the content material are welcome. Use the software (at) mail handle for this as well.

And sure, I am conscious that some of the rudiments, official or not, have completely different attainable interpretations in how they are named, played and notated. In most cases I truly have used the commonest kind (as far as I understand), but there might be additionally a trade-off in making the notation viewable on a small display. If you may have a powerful opinion on this and suppose I even have made the wrong choice, don't hesitate to contact me. I will do my best to be as appropriate as potential.

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