Room Acoustics Meter

Room Acoustics Meter

By Dr. Johann Gaus

Room Acoustics MeterRoom Acoustics MeterRoom Acoustics MeterRoom Acoustics MeterRoom Acoustics Meter

This app helps to arrange a listening room.

Connect your Android device to your sound system and begin the measurement.

Result are curves for frequency response, section, impulse response.

Likewise waterfall diagrams and sound pressure maps could be generated.


- Measurement by way of logsweep

- Serial operate for fast measurement at many microphone positions

- Automatic determination of the microphone position based on the sound propagation times

- Automatic generation of file names - quick saving of single measurements by OK-click

- Frequency response: sum frequency response and windowed

- Fade-in of calculated reflections (comb filter) for comparability with the measurement data

- Phase: raw knowledge, rolled up and group delay

- Impulse response - linear: uncooked data, smoothed data, step response, energy-time curve

- Impulse response - logarithmic: raw knowledge, smoothed knowledge, most values, Energy-Time-Curve, Schroeder Curve

- Impulse response filter for windowed frequency responses or waterfall plots

- Display of tangents of the Schroeder curve for EDT, T15, T20, T30 or freely definable rules

- Display of frequency response and impulse response customizable: zoom, curves can be shifted in opposition to each other, different orders...

- T60 as a perform of frequency and comparability with DIN 18041, IEC 60268 thirteen, EBU Tech 3276 (2nd)

- Waterfall show (time evolution of frequency response) by way of wavelet or FFT analysis

- Spectrogram representation

- Frequency-dependent sound pressure map

- Calibration prospects for the built-in microphone by comparability measurements, if a measurement microphone is out there.

- Use of measurement microphones (import of calibration curve).

- Export of results: in HTML format

- Export of measurement information: Impulse response accessible as .wav file and measured values in CSV and .FRD format.

- Export of frequency response and section in .FRD format (allows import and additional processing with many audio measurement programs)

- English and German

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