Free Ukulele Tuner

Free Ukulele Tuner


Free Ukulele TunerFree Ukulele TunerFree Ukulele TunerFree Ukulele Tuner

Free Ukulele Tuner - fast and easy approach to tune you Ukulele by ear in commonplace GCEA tuning.

This app contains:

- Tuned reference notes

- Sine wave tones

This app performs tuned strings and/or tones of reference notes to tune your Ukulele. This app, however, doesn't listen to your ukulele and tell you whether it is in tune. You'll need to make use of your ear for that. I made this app so I may tune my ukulele with my telephone. Now I can and I'm joyful to share it with you. :)

Thanks Enjoy!


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