Chord Wheel : Circle of 5ths

Chord Wheel : Circle of 5ths


Chord Wheel : Circle of 5thsChord Wheel : Circle of 5thsChord Wheel : Circle of 5thsChord Wheel : Circle of 5thsChord Wheel : Circle of 5ths

Chord Wheel helps you to understand how music works. Also, it lets you get some musical ideas in your personal songs.

The Interactive Chord Wheel is an implementation of one of the most primary and significant music theory, 'Circle of fifths' on Android. This app is uniquely designed to characterize the connection between a scale and a chord.

In the screen of this app, the Circle is made up of a quantity of concentric rings, which supplies numerous information. By rotating the two rings, inside and outer, the needed info can be got easily.

The outer most ring exhibits information on the dimensions such as a tonic, a dominant, a sub-dominant, a relative minor, a relative major, and a development of the diploma. The subsequent outer ring reveals a sequence of notice's name ordered by the development of fifth, and the foundation notice of a scale could be set by rotationg this ring. When rotating the outer ring, the inside ring rotates additionally. The subsequent ring shows a degree of a notice and a diatonic chord in that scale. By rotaing the next ring, a chord can be set. If a notice identify of the outer ring is touched, then a diatonic chord, of which the foundation observe is the notice, is ready. Instead of the inside chord ring, a key progression ring can be displayed which could be very useful when transposing a music to another key. At the middle of the concentric rings, a signiture of the size is displayed.

The direction of the circle

The path of the necessary thing progression on a circle may be set to a CW or a CCW course by a consumer.

Switchable Inner Wheel

The inner wheel can be switched when it's needed. A chord wheel, a transpose wheel, and a interval wheel are avalable.


A main scale and three minor scale and church modes can be found. The scale tones can be distinguished by its background colour. A diatonic chord of the size may be set by touching considered one of its scale tones.

Diatonic Scale Chord

Both triads and 7th chords are supported for every scale.

Chord Wheel

Chord wheel is uniquely designed to characterize the relationship between a scale and a chord. Most diatonic chords can be found. The chord tones could be distinguished by its background shade or its mark.

Transpose Wheel

For transposing, a hoop of key progression could be displayed instead of a chord ring.

Interval Wheel

Intervals of notes could be found out easily and shortly. Just switch the inside wheel to an interval wheel.

Inversion of a Chord

The inversion of a chord may be performed by clicking a button, and in addition may be seen through the piano view.

Notation System

There are varied ways of naming notice names. In this app, CDEFGAB, CDEFGAH, and Fixed-Do methods are supported. Also, you'll be able to set a prefered accidental, a sharp(#) or a flat(♭).


Information a couple of scale or a chord is proven on a 2-octave sized mini piano. It can be performed by touching the keys.


Information about a scale or a chord additionally can be shown on a guitar fretboard. It's tunable.

Colors / Marks

The tones of a scale and a chord are related to the 7 colours of the rainbow. For example, the first note is pink, and the 7th notice is violet.

Also, marks such as ●, △, ★, ◎ represent that it is 1st, third, 5th, seventh observe.

Clef / Signature

A signature of the size is showed on the middle of rings. A clef could be set to a treble of a bass.

When the middle is touched, user-defined action is performed.


The sound of a scale and a chord can be played. A chord sound may be performed arpeggio pattern or not.

Piano, E.Piano, and Guitar sounds are included. The bundled sounds are recorded in high quality.

Available scales


Natural / Harmonic / Melodic Minor








Available chords

Major (Triad)

Major 7th

Major 6th

Major 7th aug 5th

Major aug 5th (Triad)

Suspended 2nd (Triad)

Suspended 4th (Triad)

Minor (Triad)

Minor 7th

Minor 6th

Minor Major 7th

Dominant 7th

Dominant 7th aug 5th

Dominant 7th flat 5th

Dominant seventh sus 4th

Diminished (Triad)

Diminished 7th

Minor 7th flat 5th

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