NFC Controller for Sonos

NFC Controller for Sonos

By couch dev

NFC Controller for SonosNFC Controller for SonosNFC Controller for SonosNFC Controller for SonosNFC Controller for Sonos

This app simplifies beginning music on your Sonos system. Use this app to hyperlink a Sonos-Favorite* with a NFC tag. And everytime you put the tag in your cellphone the music gets started. The app does not need to be began manually however the screen need to be turned on.

Possible utility: Print a CD cover on photographic paper and stick the NFC tag on the back. Glue a cardboard over the complete back of the paper to get a solid card.

* Sonos does not allow to hyperlink an album in a direct means. Instead a favorite need to be created in the Sonos app for an album.

Step by step instructions:

1. Print a CD cover and stick a NFC tag on the back

2. Sonos App: Create a favourite within the Sonos app for a specific album

3. NFC Controller App: Login along with your Sonos credentials

4. NFC Controller App: Select the Sonos group which the app should control

5. NFC Controller App: Go to the Pairing section

6. NFC Controller App: Choose the Sonos favorite from the dropdown and hit the Pair button

7. NFC Controller App: Hold the NFC tag on (or behind) the cellphone to link the tag with the favorite


- Sounds:

- CD cowl placeholder picture: Designed by / Freepik

- App icon made by Freepik from

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