Drum Tuner - iDrumTune Pro

Drum Tuner - iDrumTune Pro

By RT Sixty Ltd

Drum Tuner - iDrumTune ProDrum Tuner - iDrumTune ProDrum Tuner - iDrumTune ProDrum Tuner - iDrumTune Pro

iDrumTune Pro is the world’s most superior, accurate and clever system for helping and educating on drum tuning – utilized by hundreds of drummers all around the world!


an invaluable help not only for drummers but also studio engineers and producers - Sound on Sound Magazine (the world's most learn music expertise magazine)

I can’t recommend this app highly enough ... for the money, it is indispensable. It's easy, accurate, looks good, and the tuning info is value the value of the app alone. - www.mikedolbear.com (expert drummers' website)

iDrumTune Pro brings unrivalled accuracy and options that have never been attainable before for helping with drum tuning.

iDrumTune Pro contains the following features:

* Pitch Tuning – to make your drums sing at their good tone and permit you to play musical phrases across the kit

* Lug Tuning – to make certain that the drumhead is evenly tuned and gives a easy and heat tone

* Resonant Head Tuning – to let you be positive that the 2 heads are working collectively and giving rich overtones

* Spectrum Analyzer – so you presumably can really start to understand what frequencies are excited and heard when taking half in the drums

* The Science of Drum Tuning – and in depth manual to assist you learn the science and art of drum tuning and getting one of the best out of iDrumTune Pro

iDrumTune is the first and by far essentially the most clever and correct system for analyzing drum sounds and assisting tuning – developed by drummers, music producers and acoustics research Professors. iDrumTune supplies you with a measurement of the drumhead vibration frequency, much in the identical way to an acoustic guitar tuner, which measures the vibration frequency of a guitar string. In Pitch Tuning mode, you merely hold the device microphone over the center of a drum, about 2-4 inches away, and strike the drum in the middle.

The iDrumTune readout exhibits the recorded sound waveform and provides the strongest frequency recorded. There can be a tuning indicator bar which shows the drumhead tuning relative to musical notes, so iDrumTune can be utilized to make sure that your drums are in key with one another or the music you may be enjoying. A frequency spectrum view also permits more detailed evaluation and helps with tuning the drum on the lug positions.

IDrumTune Pro provides advanced tuning options together with an intelligent filter function, Lug Tuning mode and Resonant Head Tuning mode. The filter permits unwanted frequencies to be ignored by the evaluation algorithm, whilst Lug Tuning mode provides the only and most revolutionary technique for tuning a good frequency response on the lug positions on the drumhead.

Drum Tuning isn’t easy, and drums don’t respond exactly the same means every time you hit them. For that purpose, it's useful to know a little about the science of drum tuning. iDrumTune features a complete textual content on the science of drums and drum tuning in order to assist you to get one of the best of iDrumTune and to turn out to be an expert drum tuner!

Watch the iDrumTune tutorial movies and skim evaluations on iDrumTune at www.idrumtune.com

* Please observe: the Android version of iDrumTune doesn't include the Preset Manager function, which will be added as part of a free upgrade in coming months.

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