Teufel Headphones

Teufel Headphones

By Lautsprecher Teufel GmbH

Teufel HeadphonesTeufel HeadphonesTeufel HeadphonesTeufel HeadphonesTeufel Headphones

The Teufel Headphones App works with the newest version of the REAL BLUE/BLUE NC (available from November 2021) SUPREME ON, SUPREME IN, AIRY SPORTS and REAL BLUE IN. Other models, including the older version of the REAL BLUE/BLUE NC (2020) can't be connected through the Headphones App for technical compatibility causes.

Note about the AIRY SPORTS TWS: Contrary to the data in the product working directions (on page 17) and in the fast begin information included with the product, the AIRY SPORTS TWS cannot currently be used with the Teufel Headphones app. We will inform you about the potential of using the AIRY SPORTS TWS with the app at a later date as soon as we all know the small print. We apologise for any inconvenience.

The app offers many further features for selected Bluetooth headphones from Teufel, the audio consultants primarily based in Berlin. Some features included are:

* ShareMe: Listen to your music in sync with friends on two headphones of the same mannequin.

* Equaliser: Find a sound picture based on your preferences or choose a Teufel preset.

* Battery stage: Check the battery level of your headphones at any time.

* Advanced settings: additional settings permit you to handle auto-standby good pause.

Setup help and help for the app may be discovered at www.teufelaudio.com/teufel-headphones-app

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