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Nightwave PlazaNightwave PlazaNightwave PlazaNightwave Plaza

The Nightwave Plaza - a spot to indulge your self with the top aesthetic musical skills of the Vaporwave style.

You’ve used the website, but now it's time to escape into a world of nostalgia and desires with the Nightwave Plaza Android app.

Featuring an attractive, continuously updated database of Vaporwave artists across the globe, the 24/7 radio station prides itself with its no after-track commercials and full support page for all artists and producers looking for an audience.

Whether you’re reading a book; dreaming of nostalgic instances on the long commute home from work; or walking by way of the rainy city enduring the night-life; there’s always room in the Nightwave Plaza.

Extended Features:

58 totally different aesthetic background gifs to select from.

Simplistic, nostalgic consumer interface.

No commercial breaks between tracks.

Guaranteed rest.

All inquiries relating to Nightwave Plaza, together with bug reviews requests, can be addressed to [email protected] or by way of official twitter @nightwaveplaza.