By nobapp


A-Tuner is a chromatic tuner similar to any devices and boasting the best stage of accuracy amongst many related purposes.

Precise tuning in increments of 0.1 cents is feasible with the strobe tuner like show.

It also has high precision pitch pipe (tuning fork) function which is convenient for training with tuning with ears.

We are planning to improve efficiency and increase capabilities sooner or later. Enjoy!

In addition to the features of the free edition (A-Tuner Lite), the next features are included.


・Note identify notations (English, German, Dutch, French, Italian)

・Pitch selection mode (automatic / manual)

・Simple metronome

・Classical temperaments

 - Pythagorean temperament

 - 1/4 comma meantone

 - Pure intonation (major / minor)

 - Werckmeister III / IV / Ⅴ

 - Young Ⅰ / Ⅱ

 - Kirnberger I / II / III

 - Vallotti

 - Kellner

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