Voice Changer Mic: Cosplay - use lapel Mic/Speaker

Voice Changer Mic: Cosplay - use lapel Mic/Speaker

By StereoMatch

Voice Changer Mic: Cosplay - use lapel Mic/SpeakerVoice Changer Mic: Cosplay - use lapel Mic/SpeakerVoice Changer Mic: Cosplay - use lapel Mic/SpeakerVoice Changer Mic: Cosplay - use lapel Mic/SpeakerVoice Changer Mic: Cosplay - use lapel Mic/Speaker

Use Android as real-time voice changing microphone for Cosplay - for use with OTHER devices: PC, PS4, XBox, exterior speaker, or one other telephone.

You CANNOT use with apps working on the SAME device (Discord, Skype or sport apps). Reason: Android doesn't enable two apps to make use of mic at same time - and does not enable one app to ship audio to another app.

High quality 14-voice voice changer can run within the background, and with display off:

- Use as low-cost low-latency Noise Gate filter (remove low quantity breathing sounds from live Podcasting/Broadcast with/without voice changing). Some voices profit from Noise Gate as properly (Venomous, Exterminator).

- Use with gaming headset with detachable mic, unplug mic and plug AUX to Android device

- PC gaming: Plug AUX from Android to PC line-in port

- PS4 gaming controller: use Android as USB mic (only up to Oreo 8.1), or use Y-splitter/AUX cable

- XBox gaming controller: want Y-splitter/AUX cable

- Cosplay: external speaker, or lapel mic/ext speaker (need Y-splitter)

- Mobile Gaming, Discord, Skype: output to a different phone that runs game and so forth. (need Y-splitter)

- Phone Calls: output to a different smart/dumb phone (need Y-splitter)

NOTE: Y-splitter is needed to convert TRS stereo output on AUX from Android headset port to mono input on headset port on PS4/XBox controllers or one other telephone. For PC line-in port, can just join AUX cable instantly from Android.

Click Help - Gaming/Cosplay for detailed instructions/diagrams/suggestions for Y-splitters, mics and speakers for Cosplay.


Plug in earphones and click on on Record (red buttton). Creates file AND outputs on earphones.

Click Live button (mic icon) to only output to earphones (NOT save to file).

Settings - Output Settings - Listen to Recording (Headset) setting is On by default. If headset/earphones are plugged in, it mirrors audio to that (make certain you plug in BEFORE you click Record/Live).

Force output: Sometimes Y-splitter/AUX cable are not acknowledged as headset - so click Settings - Output Settings - Listen to Recording (Always) and turn it On (it is off by default). Now audio shall be played even when no headset is plugged in (there will be audio feedback/screeching sound!).

Voice Changer

Instantly change voices, by clicking on a voice, or click on No Effects for no effects:

- No Effects

- Dark Father (not affiliated with Darth Vader)

- Rylo Ken (not affiliated with Kylo Ren)

- Dane (not affiliated with Bane)

- Exterminator (not affiliated with Daleks)

- Space Trooper (not affiliated with Stormtroopers)

- Captain Phase (not affiliated with Captain Phasma)

- Badman (not affiliated with Batman)

- Optimal Prime (not affiliated with Optimus Prime)

- Uldron (not affiliated with Ultron)

- P3CO (not affiliated with C3PO)

- Collum (not affiliated with Gollum/Smeagol)

- Smug (not affiliated with Smaug)

- Brog (not affiliated with the Borg)

- Venomous (not affiliated with Venom)

We disavow any and all affiliation with these character voices. They are the property of their respective owners. Using Dark Father, with some voice appearing effort, you possibly can mimic a voice that seems like Darth Vader.

Each voice is individually customizable: You can create completely new voices by merely adjusting the Pitch and Modulator settings for each voice! For example, you have to use the Venomous voice to make a Lion's roar kind voice.

Click Reset to reset settings for that voice, or click Settings - Reset Settings to reset every thing again to default settings.

Press Speak button to take heed to samples that had been created with the app. No copyrighted audio samples have been used.

DISCLAIMER: no copyrighted audio is utilized by the app.

Click Contact to get assist via e-mail.

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