Harmonic Tuner Strobe Look

Harmonic Tuner Strobe Look

By Grain Apps

Harmonic Tuner Strobe LookHarmonic Tuner Strobe LookHarmonic Tuner Strobe LookHarmonic Tuner Strobe LookHarmonic Tuner Strobe Look

Get very correct instrument tuning based on harmonic measurements: displayed within the in style, readable and intuitive Strobe Tuner design. Test new advanced tuning and intonation options free of charge.

Special Features:

- Strobe Look (Up to 16 harmonics)

- Harmonic Tuner

Limited Features (Trial)*:

- Harmonic-wise tuning measurement (bargraphs, as much as 16 harmonics)

- Harmonic-wise level measurement (bargraphs, up to sixteen harmonics)

- Spectrum Tuner

- Reference Pitch (Concert A) Key Detector

Trial options of Harmonic Tuner Intonation Expert*:

- Intonation (Tuning) Inharmonicity protocol

- Temperament Detector

* The trial options in non-Full version of Harmonic Tuner Suite supply performance of Full Version but are restricted to a limited usage time per begin of the app.

Features of Intonation Expert can be found in trial variations with a restricted number of protocol notes. See Harmonic Tuner Website for a desk of Harmonic Tuner's versions and their features and extra details.


Feature Details:

Harmonic Tuner:

Harmonic Tuner is a novel correct instrument tuning software for musicians and sound engineers. Its special feature is to carry out pitch measurements (0.1 cents precision) by analysing tuning and ranges of as much as sixteen particular person overtones (harmonics) of a notice.

Harmonic Tuner relies on an accuracy-refined spectral analysis algorithm. Visualization is optimized for readability.

Concert A pitch ranges from 320Hz to 604Hz ( /-5 semitones, precision 0.5 c, ca. 0.1 Hz). Intonation Expert model supports stretch tunings and historic temperaments (Werckmeister and so on.).

Strobe Look:

Harmonic components especially at stringed instruments like guitars, basses,pianos are all the time detuned. Up to sixteen note's harmonics can be displayed individually in an intuitive and exact strobe tuner look of adjustable sensitivity.

Harmonic Tuner Strobe Look does not implement the traditional strobe tuner precept, but offers an analogous appearance of moving patterns. While typical mechanical strobe tuners present detuning of octave harmonics solely, Harmonic Tuner Strobe Look shows the detuning even of non-octave harmonics.

Tuning Level bargraphs for each harmonic (up to sixteen harmonics):

Overtone detuning of strings impacts the timbre of a notice as the degrees and envelopes of the observe's harmonics do. To examine these trimbral traits, the detuning and the relative ranges are displayed in bar graphs.

Reference Pitch (Concert A) Detector Key Detector:

The novel Reference Pitch Detector module finds the tuning reference frequency of musical performances or recordings precisely.

In addition, the prominence of all 12 notes over several seconds is displayed and the becoming Major/minor scale is estimated.

Intonation (Tuning) Inharmonicity protocols:

For exact assessment of an instrument's intonation, stretch tuning, temperament etc., tuning/inharmonicity of a whole collection of notes is recorded and displayed in a diagram. When measuring keyboard with historic tunings, a Temperament detection acknowledges the best-fitting out of a number of popular historic temperaments.

The intonation protocol is beneficial for checking and establishing guitar/bass intonation or to measure the tuning stretch of an instrument.

Stretch Tunings and Temperaments:

Stretch tunings are frequent on pianos: devices with plucked or hammered strings present barely inharmonic overtones. Harmonic Tuner allows to widen octaves by 0 to five cent accordingly.

Historical keyboard music on organs, harpsichords etc. is typically carried out using historic temperaments that present individual consonance/dissonance traits for each key/scale. Harmonic Tuner Intonation Expert helps a set of popular historic temperaments you can tune your instrument to.

Temperament Detector:

Intonation Expert presents a device to acknowledge typical temperaments mainly from polyphonic solo keyboard performances / recordings.

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