The Vocal Coach

The Vocal Coach

By Annabel Williams Music Ltd

The Vocal CoachThe Vocal CoachThe Vocal Coach

Celebrity Vocal Coach and head vocal coach for X Factor UK and Britain’s Got Talent, Annabel Williams brings you her very own app for singers of ALL levels! Annabel has coached everybody from Amy Winehouse, Little Mix, James Arthur, Katy Perry, Kidzbop UK etc and worked with powerhouses like Jennifer Hudson, Nicole Sherzinger, Michael Bolton, Bring Me the Horizon - Oli Sykes, and a lot of more! ...

Whether you're a bedroom singer and have always fancied auditioning for a talent present, or if you're knowledgeable singer in your personal right, as a recording artist, session or backing singer, wedding ceremony singer, cruise ship singer, broadway/west end, and so forth - THIS IS THE APP FOR YOU! It features heat up and improvement workouts to strengthen and develop your voice, with top quality produced backing tracks and every exercise comes with a tutorial video to assist you. There are 3 levels - straightforward, medium and onerous, so you go at your own pace.

You can select your favourite workout routines and build your personal private exercise that you do on a set variety of days.

The app will even put reminders in your diary of when to follow. There is a follow calendar so you possibly can choose your days. It's like a personal training app but on your voice!

Developing as a singer at any level is like training within the gym, should you decide to common sessions, you'll be able to see results fairly quickly.

There is a vocal health section including high ideas that Annabel makes use of together with her movie star shoppers to maintain their voices in tip prime condition together with assistance on what to do should you lose your voice, and how to get it back!

A lot of the exercises are supplied in female and male keys to accommodate range.

Annabel says I've created this app to accommodate from absolute beginners to advanced singers like my singer friends in the industry. There's one thing for everyone. It is predicated on everything I've learned during the last 20 years as celebrity vocal coach and as an trade session singer.

This app is appropriate for all age teams, the principle factor is that you just do the right level for you.

You will have

* access to Annabel's whole assortment of WARM UP and improvement EXERCISES that she uses with her regular purchasers every day.




Lip Bubbles


Mamma Mey

5 Note Major Scale

Chromatic Forward Placement

Lost/Tired Voice

Single Note Vowel

Sustain Long Notes

Tongue Trills

and more...




Melodic (Head Voice Exercise)

Pop Lick


Octaves etc...


What To Eat

What Not To Eat

The Best Thing For ...

Anni's Top 5 Tips To Look After Your Voice

Anni's Special Brew! - A scrumptious soothing tea full of natural anti-inflammatories and antioxidants. Perfect for the voice!

Personal testimonials from SHARON OSBOURNE and JAMES ARTHUR and X FACTOR Contestants.


Your very own calendar linked up to your devices diary to guarantee you hit your weekly practice targets!

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