By Zuidsoft


Get Loopify in your Android cellphone or pill and use your mic to start recording your awesome loops. No extra need to purchase a physical loopstation, get this looper now and start looping proper away!


* 4, 6 8 or 9 channels

* Merge channels

* Loop samples

* Metronome

* Countdown

* Multiply loop measures

* Overdubbing

* Recording mode: Direct or on wraparound

* Audio effects for enter, output and individual channels

* Pitch

* Reverb

* Echo

* Flanger

* Bitcrusher

* Compressor

* Limiter

* Filter

* Gate

* Guitar distortion

* Trim first loop

* Shift loop

* Share initiatives with friends

* Record songs (.m4a or wav)

* Share songs

* Panning per channel


Are your loops not synced? Make certain to calibrate your device with the build-in calibration mode (see menu).


Connect a USB audio device to minimise audio latency for the optimised expertise. The audio device should have each input and output audio (For instance an exterior audio interface).


The free model of Loopify offers all you need to start looping. Two forms of upgrades can be found.

1. A one-time buy to get access to all extra options except for the loop samples.

2. A subscription to get entry to all additional options all current and future loop samples

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