More than 100 Iraqi songs without the net

More than 100 Iraqi songs without the net

By FridaApps

More than 100 Iraqi songs without the netMore than 100 Iraqi songs without the netMore than 100 Iraqi songs without the netMore than 100 Iraqi songs without the netMore than 100 Iraqi songs without the netMore than 100 Iraqi songs without the net

A group - Arabic music and audio - presents you with the distinguished Iraqi songs utility for the 12 months 2020, which accommodates probably the most lovely artworks of the singer Iraqi songs, represented by new Iraqi songs and Iraqi songs, in addition to old songs of the singer, Iraqi songs, together with romantic songs, Iraqi songs, and others Sad…

A unique bouquet of the artist’s best songs, trendy Iraqi songs, for all followers of Iraqi songs and lovers of his songs.

The songs on the Iraqi Songs app:

Keep I need you,

I love you, Toukh,

Hug me,

I love you,

I want you,

I love you,

The origin of the brotherhood,



Al-Khuwa here,

The world won't cease,

The world is a calamity,

Al-Ramas for the primary time,



God be upon you,

The Pulse is Mali,


You Wink,

Alert Alert,

Your past love,


After you tormented me,

Kiss your hand,

The crown of my head,

You know Curse me,


mourn the wound,

Paradise, my homeland,

Love of the worn,

Love My life,

Our love died,

Love me madly,


Tricks I love you,

Sweet tricks ,


Die Beck,

Check again,

Where has gone,

My coronary heart has come again,

Solfeh Ghazal,

Tighten your vision,


Shalini and Minnie,



his class together with his motion,


narrowed down,



Tairat Walmat,


I such as you,

I know the explanation,

His bride,

Crazy love,

Your household is yours,


On the traitor,

On Your chest,

Your eye is on me,

Your eye is your balance,

Sacrifice the universe,


A second coronary heart ,


The new cherubim,

The cherubim of Ramas,

The phrases of love,

Their claws,

For a good night time,

We should separate,

A night after an evening,

A farewell night time,

What I deserve ,

New Mako,

What's ready,

Your issues,

I can't overlook you,

I'm bored,

Who's Going,



Die I Miss You,

Die Beck,


Nassif Zeytoun,

I forgot

This program has many features Including:

It works without the Internet and it is free

It works in the background and so you'll be able to listen to songs and work with other applications

It lets you put the track as a cellphone ringtone or notification ringtone…

The possibility of routinely replaying the song

The characteristic of comprehensive reading of songs, so that beautiful songs can be played within the type of Playlist

Quality of songs at the volume level

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