Magroove - Music Discovery

Magroove - Music Discovery

By Magroove

Magroove - Music DiscoveryMagroove - Music DiscoveryMagroove - Music DiscoveryMagroove - Music DiscoveryMagroove - Music DiscoveryMagroove - Music DiscoveryMagroove - Music Discovery

Did you ever come across a song, beloved it, explored the artist hoping to find extra like that one and got disappointed?

Or maybe a band you liked changed their style radically at some point and you want they have been nonetheless making music just like the old ones?

Or perhaps you have been once hooked on a certain music and you wanted to seek out other songs that unleashed that same, specific feeling?

Magroove is the answer you had been in search of. (but had yet to exist till now!)

Magroove is an artificial intelligence primarily based, music discovery platform that may allow you to discover your subsequent hit.

Search for a song you want to find similarities for, our AI will begin playling 30-seconds suggestions based on that seed.

Like or move. Every song you hit like goes to your My List, which you may be able to later sync up with Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer or your favourite music streaming service and listen to the full songs there.

Create a set record for that special day, come across songs for that particular mood playlist you were arising with, discover a excellent match

Go beyond mainstream!

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