happy pregnancy

happy pregnancy

By Nika Bolzan

happy pregnancyhappy pregnancyhappy pregnancyhappy pregnancy

Happy pregnancy

Download an indispensable assistant for expectant mothers - the “Happy pregnancy” software. Here you can see helpful details about pregnancy, observe the situation of the mother, the development of the infant. Happy Pregnancy supplies a detailed description with weekly notes. And that's not all!.

Everything a expectant mother needs to know in one application:

- Visual details about the development of the fetus (every week)

- Visual details about the adjustments of the expectant mom (every week)

- Contraction timer

- Charts of weight changes

- Charts of changes within the baby

- Personal weight journal

- Tips on vitamin, exercise and childbirth

You will see how your baby grows and develops, how your physique modifications, what to expect and get recommendations on tips on how to take benefit of your being pregnant comfy for you and your baby.

The Happy Pregnancy app will become a reliable assistant during your successful being pregnant, join us!

All the data provided in the application is confirmed by reliable medical sources and permitted by a professional gynecologist. Please note that the information provided as basic info doesn't substitute particular person session with your doctor.

For questions and ideas, please contact us by e-mail.

We wish you a wonderful pregnancy, straightforward delivery and a healthy baby!

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