A-Fib Calc

A-Fib Calc

By ViralMD

A-Fib Calc

A-Fib Calc

The A-Fib Calc app presents a fast, correct method of calculating the CHA2DS2-VASc rating for atrial fibrillation stroke risk. CHA2DS2-VASc stroke danger grading system is an extended model of CHADS2 and contains extra stroke risk factors for sufferers who have been diagnosed with A-Fib.

Use A-Fib Calc to calculate the CHA2DS2-VASc score and determine stroke danger in A-Fib by inputting the suitable responses to the following standards:

- Age vary in years

- Sex

- Congestive Heart Failure History

- Hypertension History

- Stroke/TIA/Thromboembolism History

- Vascular Disease History

- Diabetes mellitus

A-Fib Calc will then calculate the purpose total and display stroke danger information together with current recommendations for antiplatelet or anticoagulation remedy.

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