Renal Dose

Renal Dose

By Smartmedic LTDA

Renal DoseRenal DoseRenal DoseRenal DoseRenal Dose

Do you may have doubts when correcting the dose of antibiotics for your patient's kidney function?

If the answer is YES, then this app is made for you.

As we know, this could be very important to right the drugs dosage based on the patient's renal function as it is potential to keep away from many of the drugs unwanted effects. Thus, it's necessary to calculate the patient's GFR after which look for updated and dependable tables that permit this correction. This is not all the time accomplished rapidly and easily.

With that in thoughts, the SmartMedic company developed the Renal Dose software. Through it, you must use the calculator of your option to calculate the patient’s renal perform (CKD-EPI, Cockcroft-Gault or MDRD) and then have access to medications with doses already corrected by creatinine clearance, enabling agility and security on the time of prescription.

The software has correction for the renal perform of antibiotics, antifungals, antivirals and antiepileptic medicine. This app is the ONLY one which allows you to take the medicine dosage already calculated by the creatinine clearance. Don't waste time, download the Renal Dose app and simplify your prescription.

**The app is on the market in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Disclaimer: this app was designed just for medical professionals, not suitable for others that ought to seek a doctor’s recommendation earlier than making any medical decisions. The app is not an alternative to medical or doctor reasoning.