Bryx 911

Bryx 911

By Bryx Inc.

Bryx 911Bryx 911Bryx 911Bryx 911Bryx 911

Bryx 911 is a free mobile alerting and messaging app that provides enhanced communications and situational awareness for first responders.

Receiving information directly from the CAD, Bryx 911 sends alerts to cellular units, offering priority details about the scene along with routing and navigation tools. The app boasts industry-leading pace, content, and ease of use, and is totally free for first responders serving communities around the globe.

Bryx 911 is full of options that empower you and your team, before and at the scene.

-View hydrants across the job, color-coded for flow price and condition.

-Quickly view job information for prior calls to the identical address.

-Attach site survey knowledge to incorporate entry access and hazardous materials information.

-Enhance group communication via real-time messaging and stay location updates for customers.

-View the exact job location within your district and a highlighted route out of your station to the scene.

-Enable dispatching by agency or unit and consider supplemental updates from CAD in real time - all with out creating any extra work for dispatchers.

-Configure web dispatch radio streams and play them instantly from Bryx 911. Some hardware required.

-Bryx 911’s first-in-class engineering is backed by devoted, round-the-clock assist from the same engineers who built the system.

This app is simply intended for use by first responders, and your station chief must add users to the accredited access list.

Note: This app may use background audio streaming. Continued use of audio streaming running in the background can dramatically lower battery life.

Bryx, Inc.

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