Hand Acupuncture

Hand Acupuncture

By acumonsterapp

Hand AcupunctureHand AcupunctureHand AcupunctureHand Acupuncture

This App accommodates 21 acupoints in the Hand again part and one other 21 acupoints in the Hand palm half, and each acupoints is written in Korean, English and Chinese texts in terms of location, efficacy and operation technique .

The reflex region which was used as the idea of the diagnosis in the conventional Hand Acupuncture therapy can also be organized in 3D. The Reflexoloy chart used as a foundation for different forms of prognosis and treatment are also arranged in 3D. You can compare The reflex region of a conventional kind with The Reflexoloy chart of different theories in 3D, and you can also compare The Hand Acupoints in 3D.

The 14 Main Acupuncture Point Meridian of the hand , The Extra Acupuncture Point of the hand, and The Master Tung`s Acupuncture Point of the hand are displayed on the 3D model as background, so you possibly can arrange them by comparing them with The Hand Acupoints.

The skin, muscular tissues, and nerves of the hand are made in 3D, so you possibly can evaluate the position of The Hand Acupoint with the muscle tissue, bones and nerves in 3D.


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