Nurse #39;s Pocket Guide - Diagnosis

Nurse #39;s Pocket Guide - Diagnosis

By Unbound Medicine, Inc

Nurse #39;s Pocket Guide - DiagnosisNurse #39;s Pocket Guide - DiagnosisNurse #39;s Pocket Guide - DiagnosisNurse #39;s Pocket Guide - DiagnosisNurse #39;s Pocket Guide - Diagnosis

Make accurate nursing diagnoses and develop effective care plans with this comprehensive app. Each diagnosis listing includes a definition, related elements, defining characteristics, prioritized actions/interventions, NIC/NOC classifications, and documentation pointers. Or, choose by patient symptom and link directly to associated nursing diagnoses.

Features of Nurse’s Pocket Guide embrace:

• 440 medical circumstances with related nursing diagnoses

• NANDA diagnoses

• Defining traits introduced subjectively and objectively

• Highlight and make notes inside any entry

• Actions/Interventions organized by nursing priority

• Care plan guides

• Icons for cultural, collaborative, community/home care, diagnostic research, pediatric/geriatric/lifespan, and medications

• NIC and NOC labels for every diagnosis

• Full Text Search helps you discover subjects quickly

• “Favorites” for bookmarking important entries

Authors: Marilynn E. Doenges, APRN, BC; Mary Francis Moorhouse, RN, MSN, CRRN, LNC; Alice C. Murr, BSN, RN

Publisher: F.A. Davis

Powered by: Unbound Medicine

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