ICD-10 diagnoses   remedies

ICD-10 diagnoses remedies

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ICD-10 diagnoses   remediesICD-10 diagnoses   remediesICD-10 diagnoses   remediesICD-10 diagnoses   remediesICD-10 diagnoses   remedies

The prognosis app. More than 20,000 customers cannot be wrong.

What do abbreviations like M44 or I11 mean in your sick note?

Find all the details on the official German ICD-10 catalogue.

16,000 diagnoses seventy five,000 synonyms catalog of cures.

(Please additionally strive our ICF and ICD-11 apps.)

Answer questions like:

What does the code M45 mean?

What is goat peter or glassblower's disease?

What are the coding directions (inclusive, exclusive) for analysis E11.01?

What are the definitions for diagnosis F40. 0?

Which diagnoses are notifiable?

Which diagnoses are associated to the long-term need for medication?

Which diagnoses do I find after I look for physiotherapy / occupational remedy / voice , Speech and language therapy search?

Unique selling point 1: wealth of information

Coding directions and synonyms and exclusives and inclusives and references to catalogs of medicinal merchandise included.

Unique selling point 2: higher search :

Coding hints (and synonyms, inclusives, and so on.) contain priceless data. In this app, in contrast to different apps, the coding hints are each included and searchable (and after all all other content)! As a take a look at, enter dissocial in the seek for one other ICD app. Among different issues, all ICDs that start with F92 must be discovered. Please compare with different apps.

You also can search for reporting obligation and get all reportable diagnoses. Or after Ziegenpeter, then mumps is found.

Unique selling level 3: catalog of remedies

For each diagnosis contained in the catalog of cures, the details of the HMK for the respective indication groups (EN1-EN4 , SB1-SB7 etc.) are displayed.

Data sources used:

ICD 10 GM German Modification 2021

Catalog of remedies


Following details are displayed for an ICD within the app: (see screenshots)

ICD code and text

ICD chapter, group and subgroup

Duty to report (physician or . Laboratory)

Restrictions on age/gender

Reference to the catalog of remedies: Indication teams (AT, SC1 and so on.) separated according to:

- Special prescription needs

- Long-term want for medicinal products

Relation to morbidity-oriented threat structure compensation (illness, HMG, DXG)

Coding instructions (inclusive, unique and even definitions)

in every case Group/3-digit or final-digit level

Use based on §295/§301


The coding notes with the inclusive and unique are used for all levels (group , 3-digit, 4-digit) given centrally within the ICD details. This is extra sensible than in the book, the place this data is stored elsewhere.

When searching, a new search is made instantly after entering every particular person character and the respective number of hits is displayed.

What is the ICD 10?

The International Classification of Diseases, German Modification (ICD 10 GM) is the official classification for diagnoses in outpatient and inpatient care in Germany and serves the Encoding of diagnoses or causes of death.

The ICD 10 GM is a version of the ICD 10 WHO tailored to the requirements of the German health care system.

DIMDI publishes the ICD-10-GM on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Health, it's in the public area. It is used in the inpatient area based on § 301 SGB V and in the outpatient area in accordance with § 295 SGB V.

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