By Chernyshkov Evgeny


We present you the program for the calculation of fundamental echocardiographic parameters:

- Mean pulmonary artery pressure

- End-diastolic volume index

- End-diastolic volume(L.Teicholtz)

- End-systolic volume (L.Teicholtz)

- End-systolic quantity index

- Left ventricular ejection fraction

- Left ventricular mass (R.B.Devereux)

- Left ventricular mass index

- Left ventricular stroke volume

- Left ventricular stroke quantity index

- Minute volume

- Percent fractional shortening

- Relative wall thickness

- Velocity of circumferential fiber shortening

Available to ship the report through e-mail. The program is free and contains no advertising. Nothing in excess!

Available localization of the applying:

- English

- Russian

Suggestions, questions and requests for the creation of extra locations (German, Spanish, Ukrainian, Belarusian, and so on.) are accepted by e-mail [email protected] marked in the subject line Android-Echocardiography. Please help to translate this application into your language!