Anatomyka - 3D Anatomy Atlas

Anatomyka - 3D Anatomy Atlas

By Woodoo Art s.r.o.

Anatomyka - 3D Anatomy AtlasAnatomyka - 3D Anatomy AtlasAnatomyka - 3D Anatomy AtlasAnatomyka - 3D Anatomy AtlasAnatomyka - 3D Anatomy Atlas

Explore the final anatomy, the entire skeletal system for FREE, with over 4500 landmarks on show with simplified guides and descriptions.

If you need to learn about every organ, structure or anatomy system in even greater element, try our 5-day free trial or subscribe!

!!! Now in English, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Russian, Czech and Slovak localization !!!!

Every anatomical system, organ and half is accompanied by detailed details about its construction, hierarchy, including organ info, clinical notes and a basic description.


*** Skeletal system - A List of Landmarks is pinned directly to the corresponding bones with description, visualized foramina, correct audio pronunciation, and classification. You can also view them by hierarchy. Interactive I/O map for each bone.

*** General anatomy - Discover the anatomy planes, axis areas, and instructions that comprise the human body. Explore greater than 80 physique parts and regions, all of which have been clearly labelled and sorted in accordance with their right medical hierarchies.



A vivid, shade coded 3D map permits customers to view high-resolution textures accompanied by informative descriptions from complete textbook ‘Memorix Anatomy’. These are arranged into a proper anatomical hierarchy, that means studying is structured and simple to grasp.


Choose from completely different themes for a greater visible experience, including basic atlas, darkish atlas, darkish space and cartoon fashion.


Set your personal colour for organs, constructions or techniques for more practical memorizing


Create labels and pin them to totally different elements of the physique. Labels routinely highlight the name and shade of the organ and are nice for creating anatomical posters.

- User-friendly interface: Zoom, rotate, scale, colorize, isolate, choose, cover, and fade all anatomical structures

- Multiple selection: Select multiple organs and structures at once

- Draw and add images: Customize visuals by drawing or inserting images

- Search: Look up phrases in the Anatomyka ‘terms library’

- Share: Share your artwork without UI


The endocryne and sensory methods are still in growth and aren’t but full. We’ll continue to maintain you updated with new releases as they arrive.

Anatomyka was made for you with love. Any ideas, feedback, and constructive criticism are greater than welcome :) Feel free to contact us at [email protected]