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Question: As an ultrasound practitioner, what number of measurements do you have to course of each day, and how many ultrasound reports do you want to create? How many tables from books and scientific articles do you should endure?

Enough questions. Medultra IS the answer!

Medultra is the brainchild of a passionate Brazilian Radiologist. This groundbreaking app has been designed exclusively for radiologists, radiology trainees, sonologists, sonographers, and another well being skilled coping with ultrasound. Now, you can streamline the traditionally cumbersome method, INSTANTLY accessing mountains of measurements in just TWO clicks – NOT tons of of pages!

Medultra is the outcomes of MONTHS of hard-work and analysis. We studied 80 scientific articles and 70 measurements, so that you don’t have to. All of these are actually available in ONE intuitive app with about 117 illustrative footage among ultrasound pictures, vectorial and explanatory drawings!

Haven’t heard of something like Medultra before? That’s as a outcome of it’s the primary of its kind– having fun with growing popularity in Brazil as one of many TOP medical apps!

Simplify and streamline your day by day tasks by buying Medultra today.

* Normal values and ranges refers to generally measured anatomic buildings in grownup, pediatrics and obtetrics.

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