By DentalMonitoring


DentalMonitoring is designed to help dental professionals monitor the evolution of their patients’ orthodontic remedies remotely, between in-practice appointments. It can only be used underneath the supervision of a clinician, who offers sufferers with their personal login data.

The DentalMonitoring app is intended to be used with the patented DM ScanBox and DM Cheek Retractor, to maximize the quality of each intraoral image taken with patients’ smartphones.

If you’re a patient, the app provides:

• Ease of use: No technical expertise is needed to make use of DentalMonitoring. An in-app tutorial is on the market explaining how to take good intra-oral photos.

• Convenience: With common screening of the orthodontic remedy evolution, from the comfort of house.

• Control: Regular monitoring might help stop potential remedy problems.

• Communication: Patients obtain specific notifications and advice from their practitioner via the app, and can ship messages, too.

• Motivation: Patients see their treatment progress with a before/after comparison, and keep motivated throughout their treatment with achievement statistics.

If you’re a dental professional, the app offers:

• Control: Remotely monitor the evolution of patients’ therapies, observe potential issues and set clinical goals for complete monitoring of remedy development.

• Time optimization: Prevent unexpected clinical conditions by getting correct notification in accordance with your custom-made protocol

• Workflow optimization: Use only one workflow and apply it to all patients for increased efficiency, whereas guaranteeing an impressive affected person experience.

• Patient compliance: Regular follow-ups result in larger treatment adherence!