Visual Acupuncture 3D

Visual Acupuncture 3D

By GraphicViZion

Visual Acupuncture 3DVisual Acupuncture 3DVisual Acupuncture 3DVisual Acupuncture 3DVisual Acupuncture 3D

Study acupuncture or acupressure visually and interactively.

Get a good feel for the move of meridian channels and their (anatomical) acupuncture point areas.

Includes a complete interactive 3D anatomy mannequin (muscles, bones and organs), which can

be interactively edited (hide, fade etc).

Each acupuncture point, meridian (and anatomical model) comprise full textual descriptions, which may

be edited and saved.

Contains extended searching choices; search by acupuncture level title, function or by indication for any acupuncture points.

All inside meridian channels are included, along with their linked organs and acupuncture points.

All acupuncture level groups are included, together with extra details about every point group.

Display options allow to both present the anatomical mannequin, only the pores and skin, isolate meridians or acupuncture factors and far more.

Quiz and test your self on all included topics; meridian channels, acupuncture points and anatomy (muscles, bones, organs).

Useful for TCM, acupuncture, acupressure, set off point and reflexology or massage students. This app is created as an interactive guide to learn acupuncture and acupressure in a more visual and intuitive method.

The app was created alongside specialists within the subject of acupuncture, acupressure and reflexology and co-created by TotalHealth an acupuncture institute.

Acupuncture points can be utilized in acupressure or reflexology massage or even martial arts.

This acupuncture app is meant as a studying assist or study software, that's totally interactive and in 3D, which ought to help in getting

a higher understanding of the flow of meridian channels and acupuncture level locations in 3D (which is less complicated than studying acupuncture from books or 2D charts/diagrams).

The app shall be further updated sooner or later to include much more info.

Please let us know when you have any concepts or feedback.

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