Cy #39;clic Rouen

Cy #39;clic Rouen

By AltairApps

Cy #39;clic RouenCy #39;clic RouenCy #39;clic Rouen

App to view detailed details about the stations of the Cy'clic bike share service in Rouen.

- Map of the city with the place of stations exhibiting the variety of bikes and the free stands for every station. It contains also the BIKE PATH.

- You can click on a station directly on the map to increase its information.

- The map also reveals your present place and it updates if you transfer.

- List of favourite stations categorized by groups (home, work, pals or general).

- List of stations closest to you according to your current position.

- List of all stations.

- Search engine for stations by number, name of station or address in all lists.

- Timer to see the duration of motorcycle use.

- Several languages obtainable (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Catalan).

* Unofficial app: Use your consumer card to unlock a motorcycle.

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