BoatNAVI_AreaMap_Boso Peninsula

BoatNAVI_AreaMap_Boso Peninsula

By Kei_Nakazawa

BoatNAVI_AreaMap_Boso PeninsulaBoatNAVI_AreaMap_Boso PeninsulaBoatNAVI_AreaMap_Boso Peninsula

This is the Boso Peninsula Area Map exclusively for BoatyNAVI 2.

Caution Not available in earlier Boat NAVI.

After installing this app, it is feasible for you to to show the world map of the boat fishing spot on the Boso Peninsula on the BoatNAVI major unit.

You can display 4 locations: Takasaki Hamashita (Iwai Beach), Tomiura, Tateyama, and Hamada.

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