Explorer helper for VeloViewer

Explorer helper for VeloViewer

By anisart

Explorer helper for VeloViewerExplorer helper for VeloViewerExplorer helper for VeloViewerExplorer helper for VeloViewerExplorer helper for VeloViewer

This app will get your VeloViewer Explorer data and shows it on map. Also it creates custom Explorer overlay and GPX track from all of your rides from VeloViewer for viewing in OsmAnd app.


- Explorer and Cluster tiles

- all rides from Strava

- tiles grid

- Strava Heatmap

- recording monitor (without export) and tiles

All colours and types are customizable. For downloading a map you need internet connection.

VeloViewer is helpfull service for analyze your Strava actions. See https://veloviewer.com

NOTE: For OsmAnd overlay an app is required. Download OsmAnd app right here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.osmand

How to use (or see video):

1. Install Osmand app

2. Install my app and open it

2.1. Select OsmAnd information folder (usualy sdcard/osmand/)

2.2. Update VV data (for the first time you want sign in)

2.3. Recreate tiles and rides

3. Open OsmAnd, click on globe icon and select Overlay map - Explorer

4. Also you'll find a way to select GPX observe - VV all rides

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