By Trevor Page


IMPORTANT: This application is for MegaSquirt and Speeduino ECUs *ONLY*! THIS IS *NOT* FOR OBD2!

A complete, fully-integrated application for MegaSquirt, providing every little thing you need on your phone or tablet for lovely dashboards, full ECU tuning and configuration, datalog recording, and powerful graphical reviewing of datalogs including simultaneous map GPS route. Support is for MS1, MS2, MS3 ( including the MS/Extra variants) and Speeduino.

Features include:

- Flexible multi-page dashboard that could be customised. Widgets (such as gauges) can be arranged as you want using a drag-and-drop modifying style.

- Logging.

- Powerful integrated datalog viewer which permits logs to be seen in conventional graph form, together with an elective map to indicate GPS route information. This datalog viewer truly exhibits data alongside a real time axis somewhat than on record foundation, which means it represents time accurately even when information sampling rate is inconsistent. The synchronized cursors make it straightforward to see exactly where you were on your route or racetrack similar to a selected cursor place in your datalog.

- Support for all tuning screens, together with desk and curve editors. (Some tuning pages are clean or unavailable and are work in progress; please e-mail me if a particular dialog is lacking that you want us to make larger priority.)

- MSDroid is pushed by conventional Megasquirt .ini files. If the applying would not come with the right .ini in your particular ECU, you possibly can easily add it.

- Carefully designed to help all system sizes from telephones to tablets, with layouts optimised to go well with your specific device's screen measurement.

- MSDroid is used with both a Bluetooth to RS232 (serial) interface or, in case your device helps USB Host mode, you can use a USB to RS232 (serial) interface. If you could have a tool that supports USB Host and you're a person of MS3 then all you then want is a USB cable, because of MS3's internal FTDI USB interface!

MSDroid wants read/write entry to storage to store venture definitions, INI information, MSQ files and MSL log files. It won't work if you deny it access.

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(MegaSquirt® and MicroSquirt® are registered logos. References made to MegaSquirt trademark and related literature under specific permission from Bruce A Bowling and Al Grippo)

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