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Almost each navigation software description begins with functions enumeration. In fact Navigation is maps, as everything or almost every thing is dependent upon map high quality and use circumstances. You are happy with the navigator just a lot because the maps meet your duties and needs. Usually publishers are “linked” to the data supplier that always determines the navigation quality. Meanwhile there are lots of map knowledge varieties with completely different objective, worth, usage conditions, quality, and availability of additional providers, based mostly on such knowledge and so on. There are drive aimed maps, in addition to maps for pedestrians and bicycles, there are visitors info enabled maps, also there are some maps that includes detailed sightseeing info. All the above maps may be free of cost as well as fee primarily based. The software program enables selecting and rating maps from different sources and by totally different publishers, we've in our catalogue:

★ OSM maps – these are freed from charge maps by OpenStreetMap venture.

★ HERE maps – these are licensed maps by Nokia.

★ CityGuide maps – these are maps from native map makers; these maps are compiled and delivered to the uniform normal. The main part of these maps is frequently revised and features visitors providers. License terms and circumstances are specified by the information owners and often present trial period and in some cases free of charge use in non-navigational mode.

All maps are provided with temporary description and score. You might choose and use maps from different sources; the software built-in catalogue will ensure map coverage of the particular user position. In other words you may simultaneously use different maps for the same country and region choosing those who go properly with you one of the best.

Traffic jams, navigational messages and updates

Another important function of the gps navigator is instant navigational messaging service between drivers. Should you be a witness of a street accident, cellular station of visitors police, hazard on the street, visitors jam, you may mark this event on the map. Information about all occasions might be automatically despatched to all drivers of the region. Similarly you receive such messages from other drivers. Besides the software program automatically gathers and sends to the server data about car pace while you moving alongside your route. After this the data is processed on the cloud and despatched back to the drivers who're concerned in site visitors data change as a traffic information containing file that allows technology of an optimum route allowing to bypass visitors jams. Some maps help revision service; it implies that data about highway circulation change, new proscribing signs, pace limits and so on. routinely received making certain creation of quickest and safest route.


★ The navigator given with the whole navigational functions to work with a map, route creation, on route driving. You will discover extra detailed description of the navigator in our Google community . Here we solely point out some key features.

★ The software program allows selecting and using maps from totally different sources. In such a case you can select the map that suits you one of the best.

★ The software uses light-weight vector maps and can be utilized in offline mode with out internet access. In online mode it generates very little traffic for updates and IM service.

★ The software uses high-efficiency map library that includes high pace rendering, 3D graphics and 3D fashions.

★ The software program quickly generates routes.

★ The software generates the optimum route taking in account revised data and site visitors. The driver may select one of the alternate routes which might be also generated by the software program.

★ The software options improved search enabling seek for tackle and POI utilizing totally different standards: search all over the place, search all, search tackle, search within area.

★ GeoNET navigator options unique communication features - Push-To-Talk live chat, you can drive and talk with your folks on a map.

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