NUNAV Courier

NUNAV Courier

By Graphmasters

NUNAV CourierNUNAV CourierNUNAV CourierNUNAV CourierNUNAV Courier

With NUNAV Courier you plan and optimize your excursions.

Whether a single driver, a medium-sized company, or a big professional fleet. Whether 5 or 500 stops, whether 2 or 200 automobiles – the NUNAV Courier tour optimization is just some clicks away. It helps you get deliveries to your customer's doorstep on time. Save priceless time in planning and delivery and lower your expenses with much less fuel consumption.

Simply upload addresses, obtain optimized tour knowledge and hit the road. The NUNAV Courier app guides you from stop to cease. It combines the convenience of a navigation system with the capabilities of a route planning and optimization assistant.

NUNAV Courier considers details about:

-current traffic situation

-time windows for deliveries

-restrictions on entry to certain roads and areas

-weight, measurement, capacity or even the kind of cargo (dangerous goods etc.)

-deposited items acceptance occasions or parking permits

-persons approved to obtain deliveries

The tour knowledge is checked each second and in contrast with the present visitors situation. Arrive on time and share the information with your costumers.

If stops are added or omitted in the course of the tour: no downside. NUNAV Courier flexibly adjusts the tour even during the trip.

NUNAV Courier can do rather more:

-Same Day Delivery

-Cross-route optimization

-Optimization across depots

-Easy integration of extra delivery brokers into your fleet

NUNAV Courier is predicated on the NUNAV Collaborative Routing technology from Graphmasters. NUNAV uses swarm intelligence. Unlike some other navigational system, NUNAV provides every automotive a person route. In mixture with our AI-based, predictive visitors fashions our customers drive fewer miles, consume less gas and attain their locations on time.

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