GeoCalc (Coordinate calculator)

GeoCalc (Coordinate calculator)

By bitwize10

GeoCalc (Coordinate calculator)GeoCalc (Coordinate calculator)GeoCalc (Coordinate calculator)GeoCalc (Coordinate calculator)GeoCalc (Coordinate calculator)

GeoCalc calculates geographical coordinates given a start point, distance and heading, or, calculates the gap and heading between two factors. The calculated coordinates could be set because the preliminary coordinates, allowing quick consecutive calculations.

GaoCalc could also be used for roadbook off-road racing, climbing, crusing, orienteering, geocaching, questing, treasure searching, pastime flying, for schooling, for enjoyable, or anyone needing to calculate bearings and distances between coordinates.

Calculations are carried out utilizing an correct ellipsoidal model of the Earth's surface.


- Calculate coordinates of a degree, given a begin level, heading and distance

- Calculate heading and distance between two points

- Show factors on map

- Use coordinates from current GPS position

- Coordinates as decimals or DMS

- Metric, imperial or nautical units

- Save all calculated points

- Share saved points

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