Fingerlator : GPS Area measure

Fingerlator : GPS Area measure


Fingerlator : GPS Area measureFingerlator : GPS Area measureFingerlator : GPS Area measureFingerlator : GPS Area measureFingerlator : GPS Area measureFingerlator : GPS Area measureFingerlator : GPS Area measure

This app even has lots of options greater than other area calculator apps on the store.

Easy to use, helpful app for an area, distance and perimeter measurement, metrology

Fingerlator: Area measure helps for million people measures their fields, mark their needed points


➜ Draw by finger on map (based on Google Map) in a very smart and versatile way

➜ Quick area/distance marking

➜ Place pins very accurate, and change pins quickly

➜ Name, save, and edit measurements any times

➜ “Undo” button for all actions on the map

➜ GPS tracking Live for strolling, driving, running, flying.. around particular boundaries

It also features a function to send an auto-generated link to your friends or companions of pinned/selected space, direction, or route – displays the world you want to share.

Get it and begin drawing your imagination boundaries today!

Fingerlator: GPS Area Measure can be helpful as a map measurement software for outside activities, vary finder applications, and sports activities corresponding to biking or marathon. Comes in useful when exploring golf space or as a golf distance meter, is handy for land surveys, practical for subject pasture space measure, useful in backyard and farm work or planning, nice to keep space records. It’s nice for building and agricultural fencing. This utility is practical even for photo voltaic panel set up, roof space estimation, or journey planning.

Our measuring app has the best accuracy in the market

Among our customers are folks constructing roofs, buildings, and roads, farm homeowners who're spraying, fertilizing, seeding, harvesting farms, or tilling. It’s useful for biking, touring, or planning journeys. For rising gardens and paddock, grass or lawn – we're the primary alternative.

It's a fantastic device for calculation and measuring.

This is one of the best resolution for farm house owners who develop wheat, corn, rapeseed, maize, sugar beet and have to measure the planted space yearly.

All in all, it is useful for:

- Farmers, for farm management

- Agronomists

- Town planners

- Construction surveyor

- Landscape artists

- Land-based surveys

- Land record management

- Construction surveys

- Health, Education, and services mapping

- Farm fencing

- Sports track measurement

- Construction websites and constructing sites area

- Asset mapping

- Landscape design

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