Naplarm - Location Alarm / GPS Alarm

Naplarm - Location Alarm / GPS Alarm

By Yash Pradhan

Naplarm - Location Alarm / GPS AlarmNaplarm - Location Alarm / GPS AlarmNaplarm - Location Alarm / GPS AlarmNaplarm - Location Alarm / GPS AlarmNaplarm - Location Alarm / GPS AlarmNaplarm - Location Alarm / GPS AlarmNaplarm - Location Alarm / GPS Alarm

Welcome to Naplarm - Location Alarm / GPS Alarm. Naplarm is a location based reminder app. Just set alarm/reminders all over the map let Naplarm keep observe of if you reach your destination so you presumably can sit back, and relax!

Naplarm is now used in over one hundred forty international locations around the world, serving to 1000's of users every single day!

You can use Naplarm to create geofences, and create alarms for to ring on entry , or on exit from a location.

Hence you might also name Naplarm as an app which may create geofence alarm, geoalarm, entry alarm, exit alarm.

The phrase Naplarm is a combination of Nap Alarm. This is type of actually the objective of the app!

Naplarm uses your location to alert you if you attain your destination. This is especially helpful for long journeys throughout which you would possibly wish to take a nap.

Factors such as visitors, the route you choose etc can have an result on the entire duration of your journey. This is why standard time based mostly alarms aren't useful while touring.

Naplarm however makes use of your real-time GPS location. It is subsequently rightly named Location Alarm or GPS AlarmThis means you can relaxation assured you'll be woken only if you end up close to your vacation spot.

Naplarm comes with a spread of options and customization options! Be positive to check the

tips part of the app.

Naplarm is like a location tracker - it keeps monitor of your location within the background whilst you rest and will wake you up if you attain your vacation spot.

Note: Naplarm finds the greatest possible location using tools similar to GPS, mobile community, WiFi. However because of GPS being crucial of these, Naplarm may not work underground (e.g. whereas travelling by metro underground)

Your sort rating will be extremely appreciated. In case of any suggestions/difficulties, you possibly can send me feedback from the suggestions section of the app.

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