Anzio Amantea Offline Charts

Anzio Amantea Offline Charts


Anzio Amantea Offline ChartsAnzio Amantea Offline ChartsAnzio Amantea Offline ChartsAnzio Amantea Offline ChartsAnzio Amantea Offline ChartsAnzio Amantea Offline ChartsAnzio Amantea Offline Charts

MapiTech launches available on the market the best official up-to-date RNC (raster) mixed with S57 nautical charts (digital): marinas, wrecks, fishing spots, boat ramps, POI.

This app shows seamlessly the fantastic thing about paper charts, a appear and feel expertise mixed with S57 knowledge.

You shall be impressed how interesting the raster charts look, how simply you pan and zoom and ..there's far more you'll like about Mapitech App.

The interactive menu may be very intuitive, the maps are downloaded to the system itself, it really works in OFFLINE mode. No want of Internet connection.

Chart details and performances of an expert GPS chart plotter at a minimal value.

At glance:

•It works with out cellular protection (OFFLINE)

•Powerful search

•Multiple overlays for different use (fishing, sailing or cruising)

•ActiveCaptain community integration

•KML KMZ GPX viewer and converter embedded in the app

•Very detailed and updated charts


•Markers Favorites

•Multiple tracks: Record your monitor, instant pace time, COG - course over ground

•Geo - tagged photo management

•Distance measure


•GPS window with very detailed info

•User pleasant on newest android

Join the Captain community of 100.000 boaters who write evaluate and provide up to date hazard information. Must have for all boaters!

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