Writeaday - Journal Mood

Writeaday - Journal Mood

By Appaday

Writeaday - Journal MoodWriteaday - Journal MoodWriteaday - Journal MoodWriteaday - Journal MoodWriteaday - Journal Mood

It's exhausting to develop the habit of journaling. Writeaday makes journaling straightforward with bite-sized entries and a wonderful gradient design that grows as you write more. No complicated onboarding, overwhelming features, or noisy adverts. A design-first journal that helps you give attention to one thing: writing.

Bite-sized Journaling

• Journal rapidly all through the day with bite sized entries

• Choose from completely different entry types like text, pictures, or to-dos

• Structured 5 minute journaling ritual every morning and evening

Beautiful design

• Beautiful gradient design that adjustments each day

• Choose from completely different themes — Day, Night, Dusk

• Rotating inspirational quotes to maintain you motivated

☁️ Remember past moments

• Time capsule characteristic surfaces random previous entries

• Easily find previous entires via Search and #hashtags

Safe and Secure

• Keep your journal private with a Pincode and Fingerprint Lock

• Supports backup to Google Drive to make sure your journal isn't lost

Say Hi!

Thank you a lot for giving Writeaday a try! After discovering the facility of writing, I created Writeaday 5 years ago in an effort to deliver journaling to the world.

Your suggestions is so important in serving to me improve the product. Please do not hesitate to achieve out — I'd love to listen to from you.

✉️email me: [email protected]

message me on twitter: @writeaday

‍♂️support me on patreon: patreon/writeaday

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