Visionary I Ching Oracle

Visionary I Ching Oracle

By Indie Goes Software

Visionary I Ching OracleVisionary I Ching OracleVisionary I Ching OracleVisionary I Ching OracleVisionary I Ching Oracle

I Ching creator: Paul O'Brien.

Success and happiness arise from how properly you manage the changes in your life, the standard of the choices you make. The I Ching, or Book of Changes, is a classy divination system that may assist you to make better selections and enjoy excellent timing, as you obtain or obtain what you want or want. The Visionary I Ching is a contemporary, non-sexist version of the ancient oracle that can stimulate your instinct, provide timeless wisdom and present you tips on how to develop any situation or resolve any dilemma.

When using Visionary I Ching, discover a quiet place and take a minute to calm your mind. Get clear about the state of affairs or choice in your mind and enter it into the app as a topic (not a question). Then forged the coins. The reading you produce will provide uncanny insight as to what needs your consideration at this time. Be receptive, learn between the lines, and permit connections to become clear. The steering of the I Ching will activate and resonate together with your instinct. If you get even one outside-the-box concept or inspiration that helps you make a strategic or artistic determination, the I Ching has carried out its job!

You can use the Free model of the app as an ad-free and time-unlimited Lite” version. Afterwards, in case you are suitably impressed, you can upgrade it to unlock the complete version to have the ability to access Changing Lines and the Future” hexagram (for the worth of a couple Cappuccino’s).

Key features:

- A fashionable and provoking model of the I Ching

- sixty four lovely work to illustrate each hexagram

- Can be used as a complete I Ching reference

- You can solid an authentic, but limited, studying and entry all of the art for free! To forged a full reading including Changing Lines and a Future hexagram, it's essential to ‘unlock’ the total model of the app (i.e. to purchase a one-time upgrade).

For more data on tips on how to get essentially the most profit from the I Ching for visionary decision-making, go to the non-profit Divination Foundation website at

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