Tasbeeh Pro

Tasbeeh Pro

By Javokhir Savriev

Tasbeeh ProTasbeeh Pro

Tasbeeh counter is a brand new and trendy Muslim Tasbih App developed by Creative Muslims.

It helps to count your day by day dhikr and different essential tasbehaat and wazaif in a very sensible and easiest way. Read some excellent features of our tasbi counter below!

Unique Smart Features

• First Tally Counter Application with most Real appear and feel (just like you use a bodily tally counter)

• Hear the Sound when you tap the count button. Turn on and off

• Vibration on each tap retains you alert. On/Off button is given.

• Enjoy LED evening mode display (Turn on or Off)

• Muslim Tasbeeh digital counterremembers your final and total depend even after you exit the app

• Reset Alert may be very useful when the reset button is touched all of a sudden.

Be A Productive Muslim

This is an easy, fast and straightforward to use Digital Tasbeeh counter app ever made that can help you in tasbi and praying activity so what are you ready for? Just set up it right now and share it with other Muslim Brothers and Sisters and earn Sawaab. Jazaak Allah!