By SensorPush


SensorPush is the easiest approach to monitor the environmental situations affecting the stuff you care about. Quickly pair the app with our Humidity Temperature Smart Sensors (available at and enjoy the glossy interface for viewing current and previous situations. Add the SensorPush G1 WiFi Gateway for easy access to your information from anyplace, utilizing our included cloud service.

In addition to the elegant present conditions and time sequence displays, the distribution views give you prompt insight into what temperature and humidity ranges are most prevalent in a location and what the extremes had been for the earlier hour, day, week, month, or year.

Of course, as a lot as you care about your personal home, musical instruments, household heirlooms, art or wine collections and different prized possessions, you do not want yet another chore: continually monitoring their thermometer and hygrometer readings. This is why we created a streamlined interface to configure desired conditions and enable alerts.

With the drag of a slider you presumably can set the optimum range for any situation, whether or not it is a greenhouse or your guitar. Then when your Android system is within range of the sensor (300 toes line of sight), will most likely be constantly monitoring conditions.

Even whenever you're away, the Smart Sensor will continue to monitor situations and upon your return the info will be seamlessly pushed to your Android gadget which is in a position to notify you of problematic situations so you possibly can take motion.

Love data? Export your complete history to CSV for evaluation with nearly any spreadsheet or knowledge application.

Try SensorPush today and shield yourself from moldy basements and attics, cracked and broken musical instruments, ruined family keepsakes and other pricey and irritating mishaps brought on by inappropriate temperature and moisture levels.