On Eight Characters

On Eight Characters

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On Eight CharactersOn Eight CharactersOn Eight CharactersOn Eight CharactersOn Eight Characters

On Bazi Calc8Words is a fortune-telling software that calculates Bazi. According to the inputted time of the Western calendar, the eight-character info of the life grasp, the large luck, the small luck, the fleeting 12 months, the empty dying, the fetal breath, the fetal element, the life palace and the 5 parts info, and so on.; ); twenty-eight locations data.

The ad-free version will have advertisements and a few options might be randomly blocked. All capabilities are basically the same as the sensible charging version.

-- Long press in the listing of life circumstances, you'll have the ability to delete or modify the information of the instances;

-- Provide extended functions: calculate life data based on the eight characters, and supply the meridian Reference of time therapy for infusion;

-- help the therapy of Yezi time;

-- increase Yezi time (23-24) to treat each other day;

-- Increase the processing methodology when the preference is ready for Yezi;

-- Fine-pan UI adjustment, distinguish the day, in order that the Nayin display is separated;

-- improve Whether the fleeting yr plate shows the preference settings and processing methods of longevity;

-- regulate the place of the skinny plate, and collect the yr column, the day, the fleeting yr together;

-- add the yr month day time column Arrange the options from left to proper;

--In the grand fortune chart, enhance the nice and dangerous stars displaying the earthly branch;

-- rearrange the skinny plate to make it more sensible, the grand luck and the Fleeting years are related to each other, and you can interact by clicking on the Grand Luck Fleet Year; The chosen Universiade and fleeting years are highlighted in the small plate;

--add a immediate for inputting a case when utilizing it for the first time;

-- add the Tianqianhe info within the small plate Tips;

--Increase the information ideas of the three Earthly Branches, Sanhe, Liuhe, Chongxing and Po in the small plate; Fortune-teller-Meun-Basic Instructions);

-- Increase the judgment of the semi-junction of the Earthly Branches;

-- Increase the desire setting whether or not to display the six-column immediate;

-- Add a brief description of software program usage;

-- Add a fundamental description of daylight saving time;

-- Add Yuan Tiangang's weight and the corresponding desire settings;

-- Add the show of imaginary numbers and the corresponding preference settings;

-- Add the function of sending the outcome to a brief message;

-- Add the zodiac with the Beginning of Spring or the Lunar New Year as the standard choice ;

-- Increase the five-color display on the disk and increase the desire for daring fonts;

-- Support app2SD;

-- Provide interface and work with Ziwei The software shares the case information (long press in the case record, the menu option that can instantly name the purple micro disk will seem, and the corresponding desire setting shall be added); Example information (press and hold in the listing of examples, a menu possibility that can directly call the naming panel will appear, and the corresponding preference setting will be added); >

--Increase present disk calculation and corresponding choice settings;

--Increase lunar calendar input conversion new calendar and corresponding preference settings;

New input Example of enter technique: enter 20:00 on November 12, 1989, then press the 20:00 on November 12, 1989 button in flip, the time displayed on the proper is the result after the change.

If you want to enter Lunar Calendar, press the Lunar Calendar button and choose whether to moisten the moon;

--Add the half about inputting the date of start within the instruction guide;

--The information record is sorted by name and creation time, showing the total number of data and the date of delivery;

--Increase the query perform in the upkeep of the case, help fuzzy question, no input Query situations will show all information;

-- Add the operate of saving side-by-side and never saving the layout in the input structure;

-- Some layouts improve the adaptive on the Pad, and the font on the disk is automated Zoom in;

-- Italic display is added within the primary horoscope and skinny plate to distinguish the yin and yang of stems and branches, if you don't love italics, you can flip it off in the desire settings;

-- add four-column enter Date methodology;

-- Display the corresponding time when inputting;

-- Add the function of Ma Khanchen Yen Theory (thanks to Master Ma for authorization);

-- Increase the choice setting of Yen Theory;

-- Add dynamic immediate textual content;

-- the first use or no info, immediately enter the life case input web page;

-- add five-color move moon on the thin plate; Information;

--Add information import and export backup functions;

--Support Chinese Simplified conversion;

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