Spiritual Comics: WE ARE

Spiritual Comics: WE ARE

By start2dream.de

Spiritual Comics: WE ARESpiritual Comics: WE ARESpiritual Comics: WE ARESpiritual Comics: WE ARESpiritual Comics: WE ARE

This free app shares with you 10 comic episodes ( one as a bonus) and 22 piano music backgrounds.

If you like, you can use this comic as an inner transformation journey.

Please read only one comic daily. They are brief, every episode is possibly 5-6 minutes lengthy. Read it a couple of times or several occasions.

Feel what these views trigger in you.

If you like, write a small diary on these 10 1 days to have the ability to type out your thoughts, emotions and perceptions concerning the themes of the comic episodes.

Writing things down helps you to consolidate, discover your method via and sort them out. You can also write and draw, maybe with sketches made of stick figures and the perceived inner images that come up in you?

The philosophical dialogue in the form of a comedian book begins with not being able to see and never eager to see other perspectives. When one's own view of the world is filled to the brim of the horizon of consciousness, however can not be expanded because of our perception in inflexible, box-like guidelines.

Actually, these weren't imagined to be males's talks. It turned out that way. When experimentally scoring the primary part, it simply made sense to make use of solely male voices for a fast, first version. It was practical and convenient and environment friendly. A conscious decision out of yang. After that, it stayed that means.

Of course, we could also do it quite in another way, due to equality and all that. But my good friend Jörg speaks several dialects fluently, I needed six completely different voices, and it match.

Shortly earlier than one other good friend might see the finished video set to music, he remarked after reading the first elements that from his point of view these texts would appeal particularly to men. Bingo... So it stayed with the lads's dialogue.

The fundamental concept of the dialogue got here from a real incident. There had been actually two flowers, certainly one of which couldn't be perceived from a sure perspective. As so typically in life, I thought to myself... and commenced to put in writing.

When I write, I process what I have experienced and witnessed myself with open-ended questions that I ask to get answers. The answers come once I am in FLOW, as artists prefer to say.

Those who're on a spiritual path call it connecting with the Higher Self, the Source or, as in my case, with the Spirit Guides.

A dialogue with different characters exhibits us the various potential sides of belief. How do we want to see the world? That is for us to resolve.

In a dialogue we are in a position to also keep this question open, we do not all the time have to decide for a set view. Perhaps we only resolve when it's useful for our lives?

But we are never fastened on this. Sometimes an as-well-as is also possible, if we enable ourselves to take action.

Or do you like to consider in what everybody believes in? That is usually the supposedly protected means. It feels good, as a end result of the unsure can sometimes be a troublesome and infrequently complicated path.

Take from this dialogue for your self what feels greatest. You do not have to imagine every little thing the esoteric sparrows whistle from the roof. But one or two things might assist you to in your life.

Write down what you want.

If you want, start dwelling it.

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