Emergency Ready App

Emergency Ready App

By 행정안전부

Emergency Ready AppEmergency Ready AppEmergency Ready AppEmergency Ready AppEmergency Ready App

This Service supplies emergency shelters for safe evacuation in case of disaster and First aid.

1. Search Shelter

- Shelters across the nation, you probably can seek for location information.

2. Emergency Medical Centers

- Emergency Medical Centers across the nation, you can search for location info.

3. Fire Stations

- Fire Stations Emergency Medical Centers across the country, you'll have the ability to seek for location info.

4. Police Stations

- Police Stations across the country, you can seek for location info.

5. Safety Guide

- CPR for infants, CPR for Adults, First Aid(Burn injuries from fires), Fire Extinguisher indoor fireplace hydrant

6. 119 Emergency Call (Direct Call)

This app is offered by Ministry of the Interior and Safety of the Republic of Korea.

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