Simple Alarm

Simple Alarm

By Kairy Lab

Simple Alarm

Simple Alarm is an easy-to-use alarm clock app⏰. And it's completely free!

We made sure to design this app to be simple to use because you'll be using it every day. It is outfitted with nice fundamental features like setting your favourite track as your alarm, without overloading it with excessive functions that you'll by no means use.

■ Alarm sound settings (wake up pleasantly to your favorite song)

■ Snooze function

■ Vibration settings

■ Alarm time and day of the week settings

【Important Notes】

• The alarm is not going to go off if your smartphone is turned off on the time the alarm is set for.

• The alarm might not operate correctly when you use an power saving app. Please make an exception for this app in your energy saving settings.


If you could have any questions or problems regarding this app, please contact us at [email protected] and we'll do our greatest to resolve your issues.

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