Pool Water Calculator

Pool Water Calculator

By Ingenio Productions

Pool Water CalculatorPool Water CalculatorPool Water CalculatorPool Water CalculatorPool Water Calculator

Pool Water Calculator provides every thing you need to quickly balance and preserve your pool or scorching tub. Built for each novices and consultants alike, Pool Water Calculator offers therapy directions and dosage info for a wide variety of pool chemical compounds and water quality parameters for nearly all pool types and spas.

Visualize your water quality historical past through an assortment of gorgeous and reactive graphs, enabling you to follow your progress or determine potential problems. Track your chemical additions and upkeep events, or replace earlier datapoints as needed to fine-tune your records.

Manage as a lot as five different pools or spa profiles, with every profile maintaining a novel water chemistry and therapy history, particular person chemical targets, custom notes, and maintenance records.

Quickly discover the optimum chemical targets and ranges based on your pool kind and present water chemistry. Customized water quality graphs illustrate your pool's chemistry in relation to the perfect targets or relevant water chemistry curves, while guidance items will advise you when you're in range or have to take motion before issues occur.

Customize chemical strengths (1 to 100%) to search out precise dosing information for practically any standard pool chemical.

The Dosing Guide explains each water high quality parameter and its position in balancing your pool, the remedy chemical substances out there for adjusting every of those parameters, and instructions on how to add them to your pool or spa.

Pool Water Calculator currently supports dosing calculations for:

- Calculating pool volume

- Raising/lowering pH

- Raising/lowering Free Chlorine (including targets for regular upkeep, SLAM, and mustard algae)

- Raising bromine

- Raising/lowering Total Alkalinity

- Calcium Hardness

- Cyanuric Acid (chlorine stabilizer)

- Borates

- Salt Water

- Calcium Saturation Index

- Langelier Saturation Index

Pool Water Calculator offers dosing information for the next therapy chemicals:

- Borax Tetrahydrate

- Borax Pentahydrate

- Boric Acid

- Boron Sodium Oxide Tetrahydrate

- Bromine granules

- Calcium Chloride (1 to 100%)

- Calcium Chloride Dihydrate (1 to 100%)

- Calcium Hypochlorite (1 to 100%)

- Cyanuric Acid / Stabilizer

- Dichlor

- Hydrochloric / Muriatic Acid (1 to 100%)

- Lithium Hypochlorite

- Pool Salt

- Sodium Bicarbonate / Baking Soda

- Sodium Bisulfate / Dry Acid (1 to 100%)

- Sodium Carbonate / Washing Soda

- Sodium Hydroxide (1 to 100%)

- Sodium Hypochlorite / Bleach (1 to 100%)

- Sodium Thiosulfate

- Sulfuric Acid (1 to 100%)

- Trichlor

Pool Water Calculator also enables you to observe and graph historical data for the following water high quality parameters:

- pH

- Free Chlorine

- Combined Chlorine

- Bromine

- Total Chlorine

- Total Alkalinity

- Calcium Hardness

- Cyanuric Acid

- Borate


- Copper (for ionized pools)

- Salt

- Total Dissolved Solids

- Nitrate

- Phosphate

- Water Temperature

- Calcium Saturation Index

- Langelier Saturation Index

App helps each Metric and U.S models and date codecs, as nicely as language help for English, Spanish, and French.

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