Marifat ul Quran

Marifat ul Quran

By IT department of Dawateislami

Marifat ul QuranMarifat ul QuranMarifat ul QuranMarifat ul QuranMarifat ul Quran

Marifat ul Quran Mobile Application

Get Precise and error-free phrase to phrase translation of the Holy Quran at the palm of your hand through the Marifatul Quran Mobile Application. This utility is designed by I.T. Department and based on four convenient issues, word by word translation, the titles of verses, quick footnotes, complete idiomatic translation in addition to different options.

The Holy Quran is probably the most sacred Book in Islam. The Holy Quran is bestowed upon the Holy Prophet ﷺ by Allah Almighty Himself, because of which it holds an excellent significance for the Muslims. Moreover, it's of utmost importance to not solely simply read the Holy Quran, however perceive its meanings and messages too. Therefore, studying its translation can additionally be very important. This software serves this function by providing correct and exact word to phrase translation of The Holy Quran.

Prominent Features

Topic Wise Search

This amazing characteristic permits the user to look and acquire the desired info in much less time with nice accuracy. This makes it simpler to pin-point specific subjects from the complete context of the Holy Quran.


This useful function grants the user, quick access to a selected page as an alternative of having to look the entire Quran for it. This makes it simpler to proceed reading from a specific web page after leaving it for a while.

Surah and Para Wise Content

Through this handy function, the users will have the power to entry specific content Surah and Para clever in order to diminish any issue when looking for a particular para or surah.

Last Read:

This useful feature will grant the user access to his/her last readings. This makes it simpler to get back to what was being read and remind him/her what was left to learn.

Share History:

This is one other superb feature of the app that provides an activity log to the person to allow him/her to access the necessary and interesting searches later.


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