Habit Tracker - Habit Diary

Habit Tracker - Habit Diary

By Leap Fitness Group

Habit Tracker - Habit DiaryHabit Tracker - Habit DiaryHabit Tracker - Habit DiaryHabit Tracker - Habit DiaryHabit Tracker - Habit Diary

Habit Tracker is a simple and user-friendly habit logger, every day routine planner, objective tracker, journal tracker and self-improvement app that helps plan your every day habits, track targets, manage to-do lists and develop your intellect productiveness. Join our science-based habit-building journeys to embrace a superb life changing routine.

Habit Tracker is your private 1vs1 coach for creating a healthy productive lifestyle. Our ultimate goal is that will help you maintain your motivation high, get things done and eventually reinvent a model new lifestyle in JUST 30 DAYS!

▌5 things you are in a position to do with TICK IT


Habits and daily objectives could be totally custom-made using the clear and neat interface! A preset library of essentially the most important and well-liked habits will help you find the start level of your journey.


Based on the scientifically confirmed 3-stage habit-building technique, 10 rigorously designed journeys will make it occur and conquer all impossibilities in 30 days.


Stay centered and boost your productivity with the built-in timer and white noises. Also, smart reminders will help properly schedule your habits for the whole day.


Detailed, intuitive and helpful statistics help you monitor and analyze your progress. Get yourself motivated by preserving your streak going and collecting all achievement medals.


Besides regular habits, you may also plan a monthly or annual long-term behavior or handle your one-time to-do record.

▌7 Top Reasons that you should obtain TICK IT

★ Want to say goodbye to the workplace disease brought on by sedentary state and activate your body?

★ Fighting with sleep issues and need to rebuild a daily inside clock and improve sleep quality?

★ Feel listless in the morning and want a fast and efficient routine to boost your vitality and self-confidence for the remainder of the day?

★ Have an irregular diet and need to begin a wholesome lifestyle through a more healthy diet, fasting or easy-to-follow exercises?

★ Feel tough in disciplining your consideration and need to be more focused and organized?

★ Lack of self-confidence and want more courage to overcome social fear?

★ Need to keep your self relaxed and relieve inner and outer stresses in powerful moments?

Habit Tracker will be your personal coach and companion in your journey of all self-improvements including but not restricted to: habit formation, health life-style, productiveness and concentration improvement. We will be pleased to witness the great change in your life.

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